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Hurlburt Farms D Merry Dai Mary


    • Sire: Echo Hill’s Dartanian +B (3rd Gen Am)
      • SS: Echo Hill’s BD Daryl Lick
      • SD: Echo Hill’s Madaline
    • Dam: Green Gables Beaming Jolene 3*P(4th Gen Am)
      • DS: VMCH Green Gables SS Moon Beam *B
      • DD: Echo Hill’s Molly O’Malley V2P

    Mary is our lovely little girl bred from Jolene and Dartanian. We are so pleased with this pairing that we just had to keep her. We are looking forward to watching her mature. She has lots of creamy milk in her family. Her mother, Jolene peeked as a first freshener at 4.95 lbs. Jolene has very creamy milk and is a very consistent milker.

    2018 Kids with Beth Re’im Rufus the Chosen

    2017 Kids with Green Gables GS Benjamin Franklin *B

    2016 Kids with Green Gables GS Benjamin Franklin *B