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Green Gables GS Benjamin Franklin *B


    • Sire: Echo Hill’s DO Goldstone (5th Gen Am)
      • SS: Echo Hill’s Dominator
      • SD: Echo Hill’s Black Opal *P
    • Dam: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace *P (4th Gen Am)
      • DS: Echo Hill’s Jasper +B
      • DD: Green Gables Milk ‘n’ Honey Raisin

    Ben has such a wonderful personality. He is a very handsome dude with his gorgeous face and long, wide, frosted ears. Ben has some common genetics but offers some genetic diversity. Ben brings to our herd lots of milk with high butterfat. His mother also has a beautiful udder with long correct teats. We’re sure Ben will prove to be a great addition too our farm. Did we mention his wonderful personality … we couldn’t be more pleased!

    Ben’s baby photo and Dam’s udder photo courtesy of Eliya (Green Gables Mini Nubians)