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Hurlburt Farms D Hershey Kisses 2*P


    • Sire: Echo Hill’s Dartanian +B (3rd Gen Am)
      • SS: Echo Hill’s BD Daryl Lick
      • SD: Echo Hill’s Madaline
    • Dam: Green Gables Pi Piper *P (3rd Gen Am)
      • DS: Beloved Freedom +B
      • DD: Green Gables CB Zephyr

    Hershey is a beautiful chocolate doe with frosted ears. She has a lovely topline. We are excited to see how she performs on the milk stand. We are hopeful she freshens with her mother, Pi Piper’s, nice udder and very easy to milk teats. We knew when she was born that she needed to be a part of our family of mini nubians.

    2020 Kids with Hurlburt Farms KC Spot of Spice *B

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    2018 Kids with Hurlburt Farms KC Man In The MoonPi *B

    2017 Kids with Green Gables GS Benjamin Franklin *B