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Hurlburt Farms MM Pippi Longstockin 3*P


    • Sire: Hurlburt Farms KC Man in the MoonPi *B (5th Gen Am)
      • SS: Green Gables SoF King Camo *B
      • SD: Green Gables MB Dorothy 4*P
    • Dam: Hurlburt Farms D Hershey Kisses 2*P (4th Gen Am)
      • DS: Echo Hill’s Dartanian +B
      • DD: Green Gables Pi Piper *P

    Pippi got her name because of her long white stockings on her front legs. She has lots of milk in her pedigree! We are hopeful she will continue to produce lots of sweet creamy milk like her family. Her dam and both granddams are very easy to hand milk. Pippi is real special as she is Manny’s only daughter.

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